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My name is Eric. I grew up in Northern California as a child. I graduated high school in Northern California in 2006. Two months after graduating high school, I shipped off to basic training for the United States Army. After Basic Training, the Army trained me how to work on Blackhawk helicopters. I was then stationed at Fort Hood, TX. During the short few months I spent at Fort Hood I learned much more about maintaining UH-60L & HH60L Blackhawk helicopters. I was then shipped off to Iraq, where i spent a year in the desert maintaining helicopters that were fulfilling crucial missions. I returned from Iraq to continue learning about how to work on the Blackhawk platform of helicopters. I was based on Fort Hood When Nidal Hasan went on a shooting spree, i remember being told we weren’t aloud to go outside. There were rumors of multiple shooters driving around shooting people and other active shooters in the shopping mall, all of which turned out to be false rumors. I also remember not being able to send a text or make a phone call because the networks were so congested, it took about 45 minutes for me to send one text. We were locked down in our building on base for quite a few hours with little to no information that was true. We then deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. About a month of being in country I was recruited into a flight company where i would be the onboard mechanic/door gunner when there were missions for us.


There were plenty of missions for us. I logged about 250 hours as a door gunner, and about 180 of those hours are at night with night vision goggles. I was in an air assault company, which means anytime there was a mission the special forces needed to be dropped off, we  would drop them into those unnamable locations. When we returned from Afghanistan back to Fort Hood, TX in 2011 our unit was split up and sent to a couple different bases, I was sent to Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. Really not the greatest place I’ve ever been but I really love tacos and El Paso had some great tacos. During my time in Fort Bliss I was Honorably discharged from the United States Military. From El Paso, TX I moved to Denver, CO where i attended college for three years. I took an 18 month course on Airframe & Powerplant maintenance on aircraft. After the Airframe & Powerplant course i attended a 15 month on Advanced Electronics Technology, where i learned the skills to troubleshoot down to the component level, along with building a wire harness for a set of radios in an airplane. While i was attending college in Colorado, there was a 500 year flood event that destroyed many homes and wiped out quite a few roads. During this massive flood event we encountered jammed cell networks and even damaged cell towers and power lines leaving people without communication and without power. During my time in college learning about how to build and repair radios, I decided to get my ham radio license and learn more about how to communicate during/ after a disaster. Another influence for me to get into ham radio was that fact that i like to go explore the backcountry looking for gold, and a lot of these backwoods locations you cant get any cell service.

So going out into some of these risky locations by myself, i wanted a reliable means of communication in case of me breaking down or getting hurt. I finished my college in the late 2015 and that’s when i moved back to california to begin looking for a job in the aviation industry. I was able to find an aviation job in my hometown where i am currently installing radio/gps/navigation systems in aircraft.  So i am familiar with high quality dependable radio equipment. In my opinion the best radio to keep you in contact with those you hold dear check out my main page.

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The little bose speaker is to help keep me sane when messing with all of those wires hahahahaha.