Ham Radio Survival Preparedness: Yaesu FT 857d The One Radio That Will Get You Through The Apocalypse

Ham Radio And Natural Disasters

          This year in 2017, we have seen the whole spectrum of natural disasters. There were floods, forest fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes. These disasters have the potential to destroy homes, wreck vehicles and knock out grid power & communication. Maybe it will only take a few weeks to rebuild and restore power and communication, but most likely it will take months to rebuild the infrastructure. So how are you planning on staying in contact with anyone outside of your neighborhood when your landline is dead and your cell won’t work because the cell network towers have been damaged? Walkie talkies? It’s not likely your 40$ two way radios will be able to contact emergency services, a family member who might live an hour or two away, or even your survival group. Ham radios have a higher power output and a variety of frequency bands that enable communication over much farther distances, from talking across town to a buddy or talking to someone on the other side of the world. Ham radio operators are the people who come in as volunteers to set up a network of radio communications after a major disaster. It only makes sense to have a radio that works on the frequencies of the people conducting the rescue communications. Being able to stay in communication with important people in our life is very important during a disaster or the apocalypse. We need to be able to coordinate meeting locations, share news about your location, receive news from other locations, or even to let someone know where you are and that you need help. All of which takes constant communication.

Communications Plan

           So you’ve put a bug out bag together with your ferrocium fire starter, 100 ft of para cord, and a really big knife (I know i have hahaha). You plan on hiding out in the woods or down in your bunker if anything ever happens. You might have years worth of supplies saved up or you plan on living off the land. In either situation a communications plan should be a part of your overall survival plan.Do you have a communications plan in place along with any of your other preparations? How will you stay in contact with others around your city? How about others who are a 100 miles away? What about 1000 miles away? Are you going to trust the news from one source or do you want to hear it from several sources in different locations to verify that it’s the truth? A perfect example of not having a decent communications plan would be on the popular zombie tv show “The Walking Dead”. How many years do they go before they realize there are way more survivors than they thought. A simple ham radio would have got them plenty of useful information that would have saved lives. And that’s what we are talking about here is your survival. We can’t make life or death decisions about our survival without reliable information. You wouldn’t invest in a stock without looking into it first, if you do you are just gambling at that point. I for one don’t want to gamble with my life. The Yaesu FT 857d will allow you to make those life or death situations with knowledgeable facts you can base your decision off of.

The Perfect Survival Radio

What makes this the perfect survival radio is the broad frequency range that you can transmit and receive on. The Yaesu FT 857d is capable of transmitting on the HF, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, and 430 MHz Amateur bands, the FT-857 also receives coverage on these extra frequencies 100 kHz to 56 MHz, 76 to 108 MHz, 118-164 MHz, and 420-470 MHz. Be able to monitor public safety personnel, along with weather broadcasts, AM and FM broadcasts, aviation communications, as well as the action on the shortwave bands.

           Another reason the Yaesu FT 857d should be a part of your survival preparations is the versatility and mobility of this radio. The Yaesu FT 857d has the power and capabilities of a base station rig with it’s compact and mobile design. This is a great radio to mount in a vehicle for when you have no cell service out adventuring/ exploring our beautiful country, or you are out scouting for food and supplies after the SHTF. You can pack it with you on a hike to the top of the hill or mountain for better reception, or keep it in you bug out bag for when you have to hike home you can communicate to your loved ones updates on your journey home. Or, use it as a base station in your command center to keep in contact with your family while they are running errands around town, or get updates from your scouts about an incoming threat during the apocalypse.